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What We Offer:

Wedding / Reception


Chair Cover w/ Sash

Stage Decor

Ceiling Drapery

Dance Floor Decor


Gazebo / Walkway

Balloon Decor

Table Centerpiece

DJ / Band


Much Much More!!!

VynzGDecorations Gods Gift of Art will fulfill your every expectations to a dream wedding or any event. We will gladly assist and adjust to what you desire for an unforgettable once in a lifetime event to the best of our efforts. At the same time having your take on things is what matters most to us. Your choice with a twist of our imaginative creativity will bring the perfect combinations for your big day.

Wedding / Reception Decor 

Stage / Gazebo / Walkway Decor

Flowers / Centerpiece


Cake / Balloon Decor

Lights & Sound / Entertainment

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